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Speakeasy Speed Test
Internet and Malware
AD-Aware Personal
Bluehill Internet Health Report and Internet Connection Test
CERT Coordination Center
Network Security Glossary
Internet Health Report
SANS Internet Storm Center
SpyBot Search and Destroy
Symantec Security Advisories and Virus Report
The Secret Life of a Rootkit
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Top 5 Security Settings to Audit
Protecting Clients from Network Attacks
Guide to Preventing Information Leaks (Windows)
Fire Extinguisher Basics
NIST Special Publications
Microsoft Threat Modeling
Apollo Root Cause Analysis
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Constructing Contingency Diagrams
2006 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey
Cyber Crime and Intellectual Property Section, CCIPS, Department of Justice
Common Criteria Standard of Security Assurance - Federal Compliance Guidelines
Common Criteria Standard - General Information
Security Resources
SANS Reading Room
Leaving the Nation at Risk: 33 Unfulfilled Promises from the Department of
Homeland Security (an investigative report by the U.S. House Committee on
Homeland Security Democratic Staff)
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
A book by Tom Olzak

Just Enough Security:
Information Security for Business Managers

The Just Enough Security (JES) approach to
information assurance is based on the belief
that no one safeguard can completely protect
your critical information assets from a highly
motivated threat.  The JES security model
combines multiple layers of safeguards with
simple risk management tools to help you
achieve both the security of your information
assets and a return on your security

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