Yahoo’s new Answers Service

I was pretty excited this week with I discovered  It has all the elements necessary to provide a forum for the free exchange of knowledge on a variety of topics, including security.  It allows participants to post questions, which are then answered by the other members of the service.  After several days, the question posted is closed for answers as members vote on the best answer. Points are given for posting a question, posting an answer, having your answer selected as the best answer for a specific question, etc.  Like I said, I was pretty excited when I first visited this site.  But my excitement quickly turned to disappointment.

Like all forums, the Yahoo Answer service suffers from user ignorance.  Many answers posted are just plain stupid.  Those are pretty obvious.  So they cause no harm.  However, there are answers selected as “best answers” that are wrong.  Of course you can post comments about the wrong answer, but the participants don’t seem to care.  The best answer, even if wrong, continues to rack up votes while the person requesting the information goes merrily on his or her way with an erroneous factoid lodged securely in the brain.

 I decided to pass on this service.  I have many other worthwhile activities to pursue.  Someday, however, I hope to find a forum where knowledge and attention to accuracy actually has some meaning. 

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