Holy Toledo! The iPod did it!

Unbelievable.  It’s even more unbelievable because I live near the community of Oregon, Ohio where a police detective called a student’s iPod a “criminal tool”. 

In an article in the Toledo Blade,  Robin Erb describes an incident in which a former Clay High School student was charged with a felony for accessing school employee and student records.  Not only did he access them, he downloaded them to his iPod.  In addition to being charged with unauthorized use of a computer, he was also charged with possessing a criminal tool–i.e. the iPod.  Nice police work, Oregon.  Will I still be able to carry my iPod concealed when I cross the city line?

Although the former student used a school computer lab to access the sensitve records, no mention was made in the article about how this was even possible.  It probably didn’t take much cracking of system security if access was gained in a classroom with High School staff supervision.   Instead of vilifying the venerable iPod–or any other mobile storage device for that matter–it might be better to ask serious questions about how this was even possible.  What steps is the school system taking to ensure this doesn’t happen again?  Or will the school board simply add mobile storage devices to the list of criminal tools so it can assure parents and teachers that their information is now secure?

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